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Our services

Professional branding

Professional brands perform better. Build a strong connection with your customers through the essence of trust and reliability. Eid Productions can help you bridge the gap by building a brand you can be proud of.

Graphic design

Starting with a logo, your face of the company. We can construct a unique and memorable logo that will rubberstamp its presence within your industry.

Brand Management

To ensure professionalism and cohesiveness across all your marketing channels, you’ll be provided with simple brand guidelines to pave your way through your brand universally.

Brand Promotion

Exemplifying the importance of brand cohesiveness, we provide a full packaged service. This allows all media channels, both digital and print are in line with your brand identity.

Website development

Having an online presence is no longer a luxury, a definite necessity to survive in the modern age. Brands that have a well structured website exude professionalism and reliability allowing your business’ potential converting customers to multiply.

Solid Foundation

Starting with the basics and building your brand an engaging and captivating website. Able to compete within its industry and have a dynamic look and feel to your brand.

Streamlined handover

Websites are always changing with updates to your awesome brand. For your freedom and potential to skyrocket, we adopt a simple handover process, teaching you the ins and outs.

Unique UI/UX

For your brand to stand out, we execute the utmost levels of industry and competitive research. This allows us to collaborate on a website that is out of the box yet relevant. 

Social media management

In the digital age of social media and applications, its incredibly vital to have a solid and professional social media presence. Exponenitialy multiply your reach with a strategic social media feed from Eid Productions.

Graphic design

Utilising the psychology of colour and modern design trends, we can create captivating graphics and videos for your social media feed. We remain loyal to your brand and use distinct colours.

Content Management

Strategic planning of your posts through your follower analytics. This allows us to determine optimal posting times and frequencies for your brand. All included in our detailed content calendar.

Guided Analytics

Using detailed social media analytics we can pave the path towards strategy and engagement tactics. Accompanied by our state of the art hashtag sets that are tailored specifically to your brand.


Captivating content and copywriting converts customers. Immerse your brand with customised copy that exudes professionalism and establishes a connection with your audience. Covering all mediums for website, blogs and social media.

Articulate copywriting

Obtain exclusive copywriting content constructed uniquely for your brand and audience. With thorough industry research and brand integration, rest assured your content will stand out.

SEO structured

The importance of copywriting pieces that are heavily search engine optimised can not go unrecognised. We understand that necessity and provide copy that is relevant for your industry.

Websites & Socials

We cover a diverse portfolio of mediums to ensure your brand follows a cohesive approach. From your website content to weekly blogs and social media posts. We got you.

How we do what we do


Factoring in all the information you provide in our initial phases, we conduct thorough research of your industry and competitors. We make sure you fit in while standing out.


It's vital that we have creative freedom to get our juices flowing. We do this by staying true to your brief and objectives whilst also providing various concepts to expand horizons.


We offer qualified support from the moment we have our first chat till after we've handed over all collateral. We're with you every step of the way and for the long run!

How you benefit

Stand out from the crowd

Continued brand support

Eid Productions Website Development

What would you like to know?

Awesome! We’re more than happy to assist with your brand management, developing it further than it already is.

That’s completely fine! We’ve helped plenty of businesses that just finished their brainstorming and were keen to get started. We’ll act like a business partner with advice from our team – every step of the way!

It really depends on your industry as some socials like LinkedIn are catered towards professionals. The more socials you’re on, the likelihood more people will see your page (we can help with that!).

Absolutely, we can help grow your brand from justifying its logo and elements to campaign marketing to website development!

We’ll use insights taken from Google Analytics or social media pages and present it in a layout that is easy and simple to understand, giving a clear direction for your strategy.


Eid Productions

Unleash your brand potential.