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About us

Where it all began

After the world felt the detrimental impact that a pandemic bestowed upon us, many people felt the repercussions that lockdowns inflicted. Most notably, small businesses and brands had little to no ability to survive and ultimately rendering them obsolete. 


It was the businesses and brands that had no general online presence that found it a difficult transition to a life of ghosted streets and customer less shops. 


Eid Productions set out its mission to assist brands and businesses at this time of need, becoming a full fledged branding agency lending a hand to all industries. 

About us

What started with simple social media presence in the beginning of 2020, we have managed to successfully transform ideas and concepts into professional brands that are able to build genuine customer connections. 


We have felt extremely proud and found joy in the fantastic brands we’ve helped developed with some of the most interesting individuals globally. 


There are still millions of ideas out there waiting to blossom and we can’t wait to unleash their brand potential! 


To unleash brand potential by evolving businesses with complete branding solutions, allowing them to compete within their industry.

Eid Productions Mission About Us
Eid Productions Vision About Us


To become a one-stop branding solutions agency revolutionising brands worldwide.


We push past boundaries, allowing us to innovate and stand out.


We seek for the unknown, looking for new opportunities and development strategies.

Eid Productions About Us


We are actively engaged with our customers, staff and local communities - aiming to make a difference.


We understand the impact of our craft and produce at impeccable standards. What we do, we do well.

Our dearest brands and partners


The brains behind Eid Productions

Ahmed Eid Founder at Eid Productions



Sara Holayel Creative Lead at Eid Productions


Creative Lead

Karim Baioumy Account Executive at Eid Productions


Account Executive

Esraa Al Adl Marketing Manager at Eid Productions


Marketing Manager


Eid Productions

Unleash your brand potential.