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We scale
E-Com businesses
with an extra 20-30%
e-mail revenue or we work for free.

Fully functional customer retention service that guarantees results for your business. 
We turn your traffic into informed, paying and loyal customers through user testing and customer nurturing.

Brands that grow with us.

It's 5x cheaper to keep an existing customer.

Very effective in generating customer interest.

Cost-effective, fast, and simple way to keep customers informed on new product launches or promotions.

Regularly stay in touch with customers and website visitors.

With a few clicks, emails can be sent to thousands of users.

Easy to segment, personalise customer profiles to target more effectively.

Improves the sense of community and brand within your business.

After 3000+ e-mail campaigns...
We know what converts.

Complete data & creative audit

Every successful campaign begins with a mind-blowing in-depth audit that covers every single facet of an Ecommerce business.

Klaviyo optimisation

We implement A/B testing; using industry benchmarks and trends with a secret agency strategy that boosts your retention system’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Sustainable & profitable scaling

Beyond promotional campaigns, we prioritise content marketing and community building to give your customers a sense of home. Always coming back.

High converting e-mails

We construct our e-mails with stunning on brand visuals and engaging copy that not only look and sound fantastic, they convert customers to buy.

Our latest
success story.

Full Klaviyo set up to effectively capture traffic data with full migration from previous records.

Streamlined & gamified their pop ups for higher engagements and submission rates.

Established systemic flows to inform, nurture and sell new customers.

Continuously optimised deliverability & cleanliness of campaigns to end up in “Primary” inbox.

Increase return customer rates by up to 40% through effective campaigns and community building.

Reached 100k AUD in sales within the first 90 days of e-mail marketing and retention.

Want similar results?
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Eid Productions

Unleash your brand potential.